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NeuroPro, a Neuroscience startup in Switzerland, had tasked the R3VE team to help them come up with new revenue-generating service models and concepts on how to monetize their technology.


Using our methodology, the R3VE team ideated a multitude of concepts, designs and business models for NeuroPro.


R3VE came up with over 100 viable concepts, over a few weeks.

3 of them were approved to go forward by the stakeholders.

The three concepts are currently undergoing customer validation using a rapid prototyping approach.

The following sides contain artifacts for one concept.

  • Seizure Communicator – A smart necklace that is decorative and seamlessly contains the following features.
  • Pill Carrier – The necklace also has the ability to carry a seizure stopping pill inside of it. When the time is right, instructions on how to administer the pill to the patient is provided to the patient’s surroundings via audio and text messaging.
  • Seizure Notification – When the patient is in a zone where he/she is likely to have a seizure, an alert is sent to his/her various devices, so that the patient can have the chance to move to a safe space where he/she can have the seizure in safety and privately.
    A call-to-action to send an alert is available to allow the patient to optionally send alerts to his loved-ones and his surrounding peers at the time.

Details on the possible cause (trigger) of the seizure such as:

  1. Weather patterns
  2. Detected light patterns
  3. Bio-sensing data
  • Post-Seizure Reassurance

Once the seizure has passed, a message to reassure the patient, including the patient’s location and a list of what the system did on the patient’s behalf, is shown to the patient via the App.

  • Post-Seizure Tracking

A complete history of seizures and triggers is kept so that the patient and his HCP can review any patterns vis-a-vis the patient’s treatment. If the patient is also a user of NeuroPro’s At Home Neurofeedback Therapy system, that treatment’s progress can also be layered in.

  • Communication Customization

The patient is given the ability to customize all communications surrounding their condition.

E.g. When the patient first enters a group of peer groups such as at work or school, he/she has the option to customize an email communique to be sent out to that peer group to increase awareness about his /her condition.

Text and audio communication during a seizure as well as post-seizure emails can also be customized by the patient in order to make the communication more effective and relatable and saves the patient time in writing them from scratch.

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