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The Lyford Cay Foundations’ Visual Identity

About the Company

Lyford Cay Foundation, Inc. and The Canadian Lyford Cay Foundation are philanthropic organizations that believe that increasing educational attainment across the country is key to the development of a prosperous, healthy and peaceful Bahamas.

Primary Logo

The Lyford Cay Foundations’ lockup is comprised of two elements: the logo icon and the wordmark. The icon consists of palm trees surrounded by a circle. There is the main logo in teal that represents Lyford Cay Foundations as a whole entity. Both the main teal lockup and the four programme identities make up the Lyford Cay Foundations primary identities.


The Foundations’ out-of-school, tuition-free enrichment programme aimed at college readiness. Orange is the key identifier and separator of the FOCUS programme within the Lyford Cay Foundations’ brand. The tone for FOCUS is energetic and visionary. Faces and testimonials lead the communication style as well as clear and reduced copy which is digestible for the target audience.

Cutillas Scholars

Launched in the fall of 2015, the Cutillas Scholars programme recruits aspiring public high school students who will be first in their family to go to college. A hopeful green is the key identifier color that separates itself from the Lyford cay Foundations’ brand. The tone is youthful, fresh, speaking to a high-school demographic.


This programme awards financial support to college students to study outside The Bahamas. Purple is the key identifier color. It reflects a more corporate presence and speaks to a more grown-up audience.

Community Grants

This programme provides financial support to non-profits to help enhance their reach and work across The Bahamas. Blue is the key identifier and separator within the LCF brand. The programme is more formal in its communication style making it is slightly less visual and slightly more corporate.

Colour Palette

Colour Palette includes Primary colors and Secondary colors.


We completed and improved the Brand Identity by ensuring that the brand aesthetic and logo are easily identifiable and that the impact of the Foundation’s brand is fully represented in print and in the various digital channels. 

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