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Personal Tele-Medicine Platform

People in the U.S. see their doctors less than four times a year* due to:

– Their busy lifestyles

– The inconvenience of going to see a doctor

– The doctors’ limited availability

– This lack of regular check-ups can lead to inaccurate diagnostics and delayed action on required treatment.

Value Proposition

People’s health should be monitored on a daily basis. The Health Chair will help with this.

Perform regular prevention, diagnostic and treatment on your health at home, in a comfortable area that is dedicated to health and wellness.

Connect to Health Care Professionals through and a telehealth system.

Access and keep track of your medicine and health supplements effortlessly, and help off-load the demands of the Health Care System by reducing hospital.

Revenue Streams* $128M USD

Selling of the HealthChair $80M

Subscription for connecting users to a Tele-Health system $48M

Selling Usage Data $72K

Subscription for drugs and supplements $12M

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