Business designers.


Our goal is to help you transform your business and engage your customers.
We can manage your digital transformation from end to end.

Service Design

Using an interdisciplinary approach, we find and create new opportunities by innovating and improving our clients' services.

Customer Journey Mapping
Persona and Stakeholder Mapping
Swimlane Mapping
Product and Service Design
Social Design
Hosting and facilitation of innovation labs

Business Model Generation

We help our clients hypothesize, test and validate new business models and analyse and rework old ones.

Value propositions
Customer segments & channels
Customer relationships
Key resources & partnerships
Key activities
Cost structures & revenue streams


We leverage our knowledge of existing and emerging technology to help our clients launch new disruptive digital services and businesses.

Web & mobile development
Augmented reality
Internet of things
Wearable computing
Technical Project management

UX & Branding

We imagine outstanding customer experiences & create memorable brands.

Interaction & graphic design
Information architecture
Usability testing and analysis
Audio & video content creation

Brands we've affected

Here are some brands that we had the pleasure to work on. Please feel free to contact us to get additional information.

Automotive Industry
Customer Experience
Retail Industry
Customer Experience
Food & Beverage Industry
Customer Experience
Web to Social Journey Design
Telecommunications Industry
Customer Experience
Financial Services
Customer Experience
Medical Industry
Customer Experience
Service Design


Our lean process begins with us understanding your business and your customers’ needs. Next, we work in short iterations to make and accelerate the delivery of your products and services into the hands of the users. We then measure the users’ reaction, learn and quickly respond to change.


R3VE is a business design agency with headquarters in Toronto, Canada. We ignite customer relationships, create cool stuff and orchestrate amazing customer experiences.
If you'd like to talk to us about one of your projects or to learn more about us, please get in touch.

R3VE: Business Designers
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